The SATIN SWINGERS are your "one night stand" with the fun, the glamour and the velvety sounds of the 20's, 30's and 40's. They are your key ingredient to an entertaining, delightful and unforgettable soirée.


The ’Satin Swingers’ came as a birthday surprise to my 50th birthday party. With plenty of contagious good mood, humour and musicality, they brought a great atmosphere to the event. They sing songs we all know and can swing along to. These three top professional singers know their repertoire and deliver entertainment at a very high level. Wherever the ‘Satin Swingers’ perform they'll get the crowd moving. Thanks to them my birthday turned out to be even more memorable, entertaining and funny. I can recommend them as an excellent musical input to all sorts of festive events.

Klaus Bondam
Actor, former theater director, and director of the Danish Cultural Institute/Benelux