When the sopranos Daphne Weston and Tineke van Ingelgem get together with mezzo-soprano Katja Nielsen, they make a perfect shake of the good old swing, ragtime and broadway favourites. With classics like Puttin' on the Ritz and Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, a well balanced blend of humour, dance and delicious close harmonies you're sure to get the joint jumpin'. 

Fill your heart with the sweet sounds of  A Sentimental Journey, The Man I love and Cheek to Cheek or throw in a dash of humour with songs like Chattanooga Choo ChooDoodle Doo Doo and Diamonds are girl's best friend. 

A cappella, accompanied by pianist Tim Acke or extended with the Jazz trio FOO BIRDS, the SATIN SWINGERS light up your festive event with wonderful songs and the velvety sounds of a bygone era.



Daphne Weston


lead voice

Tineke van Ingelgem


medium voice

Katja Nielsen


lower voice

Gwendoline Spies


medium voice